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Predict what drives your customers with multi-agent AI-created digital twins

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CulturePulse AI

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More About CulturePulse AI

CulturePulse AI is a platform that uses multi-agent AI to create digital twins for predicting customer behavior. The platform goes beyond sentiment analysis and bases decisions on how people think.


  • Optimize Ads: CulturePulse allows you to optimize ads in minutes, not weeks. It uses AI-powered A/B testing to predict what resonates with your audience, removing the guesswork from content creation.
  • Test Against Digital Twins: The platform enables you to test against digital twins of your audience, allowing you to fine-tune your messaging using Resonance Scores.
  • Align Content with Communities: CulturePulse helps you align your content with communities on any social media platform.
  • Integrated Insights (API): Understand the beliefs that drive behavior with interactive access to 93 social dimensions. It allows you to analyze and understand your community on any dimension and transform audience data into action.
  • Data Services: The platform helps you sift through millions of data points at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional research. You can uncover the meaning in your data with the help of 30+ years of data science experience.
  • Behavior-Prediction-as-a-Service: CulturePulse’s AI predicts behavior by modeling the entire belief system that motivates people to act.

Use Cases

  • Optimizing Ad Content: Reddit Marketing Specialist, Davis Lejnieks, used CulturePulse to gain insights into creating effective headline text which led to 1.7k upvotes in his community.
  • Research and Analysis: Dr. Katherine O’Lone, a Social Psychologist and Research Fellow at Woolf Institute, Cambridge, used CulturePulse to analyze a large amount of data and categories in weeks, saving over two years and £250k in research costs.
  • Misinformation Management: CulturePulse helped a community manager stop misinformation from spreading on Reddit.

In summary, CulturePulse AI is a powerful tool for understanding and predicting audience behavior, optimizing ad content, and conducting efficient research and analysis.

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