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More About Dezan

Dezan is an AI-powered platform that allows businesses to measure and track brand perception. It offers a unique way to gain insights from potential customers and boost sales through personalized messaging.


  1. Create Brand Quiz Landing Page: Generate tailored questionnaires to capture the essence of your brand and competitor’s perception. This can be done in just one click, saving time and effort while gaining accurate insights.
  2. Deploy the Landing Page: Dezan integrates with Google AdWords, allowing businesses to deploy the quiz where potential customers are searching for your product genre.
  3. Auto-Generate Personalized Messaging: Based on key perception of your brand, Dezan generates personalized messages that highlight parts of your brand where the potential customer most values. This acts as an assistant to help convert potential customers.
  4. Brand Perception Analytics: Dezan leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence to process and analyze data rapidly, providing a brand score sheet and marketing/branding brief.

Use Cases

Dezan is ideal for businesses looking to understand their brand perception, convert potential customers with personalization, and gain rich insights about what their customers value.

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