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More About is a cutting-edge AI platform designed with one primary goal: to solve homework for students in more than 30 school subjects. It stands out for its ease of use and efficiency. Students can simply upload a photo of their homework sheet or upload the file, and within 2 minutes, they receive the solved answers through a chat. This AI excels in providing solutions across a wide range of subjects, making it superior to other AIs currently available in the market.

The platform is capable of interpreting both text and images, enabling it to tackle entire worksheets comprehensively. What makes it even more user-friendly is its ability to interact in audio format and offer translation capabilities in over 20 languages. This ensures that students from diverse backgrounds can access and understand the solutions easily.

The core aim of is to significantly reduce the time and effort students spend on homework, allowing them more freedom and leisure time. This AI doesn’t just offer quick answers but provides complete solutions and explanations, all within a quick 2-minute interaction. It’s a game-changer in the educational field, designed to make the learning process more efficient and enjoyable for students globally.

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