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More About Hustle

Meet Hustle, your dedicated sales productivity partner. This AI-powered tool is engineered to turbocharge your sales team’s efficiency by automating time-consuming, non-revenue-generating tasks. Here’s what Hustle can do for you:

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. CRM Automation: Say goodbye to manual data entry. Hustle automates tasks like updating businesses and contacts in your CRM.
  2. Meeting Assistant: Get post-meeting insights effortlessly. Hustle transcribes conversations, provides summaries, highlights key points, and suggests follow-up tasks.
  3. Effortless Email Drafting: Craft impactful emails effortlessly. Hustle uses the buyer’s own words to help you draft messages that resonate.
  4. Streamlined Workflow: Centralize your opportunities. No more juggling multiple tabs or apps. Make changes, add contacts, and modify stages in seconds.
  5. Role-Based Solutions: Hustle caters to various sales team roles. BDRs/SDRs can provide executive summaries, AEs can automate admin tasks, and customer success teams can capture complete narratives.
  6. Flexible Plans: Choose from free and paid plans. The paid plan offers unlimited recordings and transcriptions, AI-driven prompts, and integrations with platforms like Salesforce, Zoom, and Slack.

User Benefits:

  • Sales Efficiency: Eliminate non-revenue-generating tasks to focus on what truly matters.
  • Insightful Meetings: Get valuable insights from sales calls effortlessly.
  • Impactful Emails: Craft emails that resonate with your prospects and clients.
  • Simplified Workflow: Centralize opportunities and streamline your sales process.
  • Role Optimization: Tailored solutions for various sales team roles.
  • Flexible Plans: Choose the plan that suits your needs, from free to feature-packed paid plans.


Hustle is your sales productivity partner, automating tasks that eat up your valuable time. From CRM updates to insightful meetings and impactful emails, this AI-powered tool empowers your sales team to focus on revenue-generating activities. Streamline your workflow, cater to different roles, and choose from flexible plans to supercharge your sales productivity with Hustle.

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