agoda is an AI-powered educational platform offering personalized, interactive learning assistance across over 30 subjects, with multilingual support and real-time problem-solving capabilities.

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More About Jagoda.ai

Jagoda is a cutting-edge AI specifically tailored for the academic field, drawing on a wealth of data from over 30 school subjects to provide a truly customized learning experience. As students engage with Jagoda, the AI dynamically adjusts to their pace and learning curve, ensuring that their educational journey is as effective as it is personal.

With its innovative use of modular AIs for task resolution, Jagoda outperforms standard market AIs by delivering superior solutions across a broad spectrum of disciplines. Its sophisticated recognition capabilities allow it to process both written text and images, enabling it to tackle entire worksheets with an understanding of the broader context.

Jagoda goes beyond traditional input methods by offering audio inputs and outputs, as well as the ability to translate tasks and solutions into over 20 different languages. This feature not only breaks down language barriers but also caters to diverse learning preferences.

The platform is incredibly efficient, providing explanations and solutions for complete worksheets within a mere two minutes, all through an engaging interactive chat interface. This level of interactivity and responsiveness makes Jagoda a standout tool for students seeking assistance.

At the heart of our mission lies the commitment to revolutionize personal tutoring. We are dedicated to making high-quality, personalized educational support both affordable and accessible to every student, everywhere. With Jagoda, we’re not just creating a learning platform; we’re shaping the future of personalized education.

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