Unified Cloud Platform for Physical Security Management

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More About Rhombus

Rhombus is a unified cloud platform designed to streamline physical security management. It allows users to manage unlimited cameras, users, devices, locations, and solutions at scale, providing comprehensive visibility anytime, anywhere.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Locations and Users: Rhombus supports unlimited users and locations, providing a complete picture of activity across all locations.
  • 99.9% Uptime: The platform offers 99.9% uptime for unlimited devices and locations.
  • Smart Search: Rhombus’s smart search feature allows users to find footage in minutes, not hours, speeding up incident investigations by 90% and increasing system users’ productivity by 150%.
  • Real-Time AI Alerts: Rhombus’s AI analytics automatically send live alerts with synchronized footage when suspicious activity is detected, enabling 18x faster incident resolution.
  • Video Walls: Users can enhance live monitoring with custom video walls, viewing live streams from multiple cameras on a single display.
  • Easy Sharing and Unlimited Users: The platform supports easy sharing and unlimited users.
  • Open & Integrated: Rhombus is designed to integrate easily with other systems.

Use Cases

Rhombus is used by a variety of organizations, including school districts, cities, and Fortune 500 companies. It is particularly useful for organizations that need to manage physical security across multiple locations and devices, as it provides comprehensive visibility and allows for quick incident investigations.

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